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Bulk SMS Zimbabwe's low cost text message system allows companies in Zimbabwe to send bulk SMS messages to mobile phone users.



8 reasons why you should consider using Bulk SMS

Cellphones have become an indispensable part of people's lives and in the process, a lucrative target of business promotion and advertising by innovative organisations.  Below are reasons why you should consider using bulk text messaging system;

  1. Bulk SMS provides a targeted, personalised communication channel with current and prospective clients. 
  2. With lots of information flying around these days, the likelihood of your advert being ignored or completely hidden amongst the numerous other adverts is very high.  Conventional media like radio, television and newspapers produce a lot of "noise" which people have no time for nowadays. Contrary to this, an SMS alarm commands the owner to open and read the message.
  3. With the use of bulk SMS  systems, traditional forms of communication like the telephone are reduced, saving money and time.
  4. Latest news and updates within your organisation can conveniently be sent out at the click of a button.
  5. There is convenience on the part of the customer in that they do not need to be near their computer for them to receive your confirmation of a transaction having gone through.
  6. Confirmation of a transaction  having been carried out increases customer confidence in your organisation.
  7. Reminders about important company events can easily be sent out at the appropriate time thereby improving company efficiency.
  8. No technical hassles are involved.  To send a bulk SMS message, you just need a computer with internet connection, and that's it!



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